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So you want to get a Tattoo!

I'm a big fan of Bob Odenkirk's A Load of Hooey and his article So you want to get a Tattoo! got me thinking.

While I agree with a lot of what Bob has to say on the subject of tattoos, I disagree with his final recommendation for A PIECE OF CHOCOLATE CAKE...no Bob, it is not a legit subject for a tattoo! (Although I thank Bob profusely for saving my friend from seriously considering a facial tattoo, phew). 

We can do better than cake, I'm inspired by classic tattoo designs and have come up with something as personal as a tattoo, precious - still making a statement about someone we love, for however long that love might endure. My work, like a tattoo requires serious consideration and will last a life time, more than a life time, it will last for generations to come. Choose your engraving as wisely as you would a tattoo. 

Thanks again Bob.